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Careers at Nalcor

So, who works at Nalcor Energy?
We don’t just invest in talent and education. We invest in character, in a commitment to strong, clear values. We invest in the right people. Are you one of them?

With the wide range of careers offered at Nalcor Energy, it's impossible to define each and every characteristic we look for in the people we hire. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment and strive to match the skills and personality of our employees to the best career path possible.

But rest assured there are characteristics and traits that apply to everyone who works here. Nalcor hires talented, motivated people who want to reach their potential and be proud of the work they do. That’s probably not surprising—most companies seek the same in their hires—but we have a demanding set of criteria when matching any applicant to a job here. We’re not just looking for a skill set, we’re looking for people who are ready to come on board because they believe in our values. As a potential Nalcor employee, you’ll come here with the following:

Commitment to safety. Anyone who works here has a committed, sincere and proactive attitude towards safety, including their own, their colleagues’ and our customers. Safety isn’t just policy here—it’s culture.

Integrity. There’s no way around this: character counts. We expect everyone we hire to demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and trustworthiness.

Positive attitude. Nothing good comes out of negativity. Taking challenges in stride, learning from mistakes and keeping an upbeat, encouraging point of view: that’s how we approach our day-to-day work at all levels in this organization.

Work ethic. Work hard, work smart: we want people who can do both. You’re pushing yourself to be successful and care about your job, but can still balance it all with your life outside of your career.

Interpersonal skills. You communicate effectively with others. You’re mindful of others’ feelings and you’re comfortable and confident when dealing with others. You’re a good listener who shows genuine interest and respect to colleagues, and by doing so get the same back.

Team player. Simply put, you work well with others. You can give and take constructive criticism. You never make yourself bigger than the team and give credit where it’s due. You work effectively and co-operatively with colleagues to produce success.

Motivation. We need you to push yourself and be a self-starter, but we also need you to be smart and confident enough to ask for help when it’s necessary. You’re always looking to learn more. You know that standing still is not an option for your chosen career path.

We’re a leader in a crucial sector, and so we expect a great deal from our people. Get in touch if you believe in those expectations. If you want to work for an innovative company that gives you openness and support from management, one that encourages new thinking as well as collaboration between different areas of our fast-paced business, you'll succeed at Nalcor.

Areas of Employment at Nalcor

Nalcor Energy is committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment. If you’re looking for a challenging career in an exciting sector, and you share our vision and values, you should know there are many different employment paths available to you at Nalcor. We’re believers in matching people with the right work environment, so please take a moment to learn more about the teams who work here and what they do.

 Human Resources
 Corporate Safety and Health Department
 Transmission and Generation
 Project Execution and Technical Services
 Systems Operations
 Corporate Communication and Shareholder Relations
 Strategic Planning and Business Development
 Customer Service
 Informational Systems