Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro is the primary supplier of electricity in the province. On the Island, our generation assets
include six hydroelectric plants, the Holyrood Thermal Generating Station, two combustion turbines, and two diesel plants.
In addition, Hydro purchases power from some non-utility generators.
Current Hydro System Generation
Current Island System Generation
Current system generation = current demand on the system
Hydro’s System includes six hydroelectric plants including Bay d'Espoir, Cat Arm, Granite Canal, Hinds Lake, Paradise River; and Upper Salmon; the thermal generating plant in Holyrood; gas turbines in St. John's and Stephenville; and diesel plants in Hawke's Bay and St. Anthony. Hydro also purchases power from some non-utility generators. Any generation from these generators is included in the Hydro System Generation and includes: Star Lake, Rattle Brook, Corner Brook Pulp and Paper, and wind generation from the St. Lawrence and Fermeuse wind farms.
Total Island System includes Hydro’s System Generation plus generation from Newfoundland Power and Deer Lake Power.
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Customer Inquiries: 1-888-737-1296
Media Inquires: Erin Squires 697-1186

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Hydro Customer Service: 1-888-737-1296
Newfoundland Power Customer Service: 1-800-474-5711
Fire and Emergency Services: 729-3703

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