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Photo Gallery

Churchill Falls Airport. Tim Hickey, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Tailrace, Churchill Falls. This is where the water used to generate the power of the plant is reintroduced to the Falls. The Churchill Falls Control Room. Chad Wiseman, Manager of Operations (standing), Jim Lambert, Senior Operator. Churchill Falls Fire and Rescue. Quinton Keats, Automotive Mechanic and Underground Mine Search & Rescue volunteer. Muskrat Falls. When its generating station is complete, it will have a capacity of 824 megawatts and annual energy production of 4.9 terawatt hours.
ngemar Dean, Lines Supervisor for Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, in front of transmission wires on the Avalon Peninsula. This is Unit 2 of the Churchill Falls hydroelectric plant. Here, we see it completely removed, the first time the runner has ever been taken out of its cavity since it was originally put in place 40 years ago. Churchill Falls, undergorund. Danny Morey (l), Operator Apprentice and Perry Taylor, Manager Long Term Asset Planning, checking one of the eleven unit control boards that provides the status for each single unit.
Transmission lines in Churchill Falls. This 735kV line to Quebec first transmitted power on December 6, 1971. Walking through the Churchill Falls transformer gallery, approximately 1000 ft. underground.